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Declare War on Wear

Armorclad precision thin dense chromium (TDC) is a surface conditioning and metal deposition process whereby a thin, dense, non-porous chromium layer is electroplated onto a metallic or carbide substrate (the base metal).

The Armorclad (TDC) surface is hard, smooth and corrosion resistant providing excellent wear characteristics. It eliminates or drastically minimizes galling, material pickup, seizing, sticking, chemical erosion and corrosion.

Armorclad (TDC) coating can be applied to all ferrous and many nonferrous base metals. The thickness of the plating can be controlled to provide uniform deposits an thin as 0.000020" up to 0.00050" per surface. Armorclad (TDC) is an efficient and cost effective way to...

  • Reduce wear, add lubricity and improve tool life
  • Reduce maintenance costs and machine downtime
  • Provide corrosion protection and an attractive appearance
  • Improve manufacturing quality and production
  • Reduce scrap rates and secondary hand operations

To all our valued customers and vendors, we have fallen victim to the difficult economic times and closed our doors for good. Armorclad , Inc. is out of business. Unfortunately, we have been forced to seek Chapter 7, bankruptcy protection as there was not enough revenue to pay all of our creditors and vendors.

I have joined my former competition (Armoloy) as their independent Michigan Sales Representative. If you are looking for Thin Dense Chrome Plating (TDC) Services, Please contact:

1950 East Leffel Ln
Springfield, OH 45505

You can reach me by email at for questions or concerns.

I can also be reached during normal business hours (8:00 am to 6:00 pm) at my mobile number: 586-556-1000 if you have an urgent matter.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and business for the last 34 years. Armoloy of Ohio, Inc. and I look forward to meeting your TDC plating needs in the future."

James K. Gemmill,
Armorclad, Inc.

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